FENOCAN is an international group of companies headquartered in Switzerland. FENOCAN is specialized in the research and development of new, low-THC resinous cannabis varieties and the production of feminized seeds.


The plant genomes are important triggers for growth structure, phytochemical output and many other traits in the Cannabis plant. We at FENOCAN apply SMART (Selection with Markers Advanced Reproductive Technologies) breeding techniques — using the knowledge of the genome to achieve the full potential of the plant, while breeding with traditional methods. FENOCAN works 100% GMO free only. SMART helps facing the most challenging issues that we face as the scale of hemp cultivation grows larger, e.g. mold and insects or the pesticides used to fight them. By following the plant’s genomic map and breeding towards increased resistance, we are able to move closer to fighting infections without the use of chemicals.

We like to think of our strains being crafted works of scientific art. Imagine the ability to choose preferred cannabinoid content, terpene set, growth and yield characteristics – tailor-made like a chef in a kitchen with any ingredient being at disposal by reaching into nature’s toolbox for the right genetic profile.