Type: Hybrid (50% Sativa / 50% Indica)
Gender Feminized (99.9%+)
Origin: Switzerland
Germination rate: 95%+
Suitable type of cultivation: Indoor/Greenhouse/Outdoor
Harvest time outdoor: mid-October
Flowering phase: 7-8 weeks
Yield outdoor Biomass: 100-150 gram / plant
Yield outdoor flowers: 200-500 gram / plant
Yield indoor flowers: 20-30 gram / plant
Growth structure &
Flower characteristics:
elongated, large internode spacing
Flower shape: compact to rockhard
Terpene profile: fruity and aromatically sweet
Main terpenes: • myrcene
• alpha-bisabolol
• alpha-pinene
Fertilizer: Low
EC (salinity): 1.2-1.5
pH-value: 5.8-6.5
THC monitoring: Not required in Switzerland

The variety FENOCHEESE is a masterpiece of selective breeding and is one of FENOCAN’s most popular CBD varieties.

Due to its characteristic terpene profile and compact flowers, FC-1 is one of the most preferred CBD strains for producing high quality flowers.

FENOCHEESE convinces with a rich terpene profile. Due to its high resistance to various pests and pathogens, this variety is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation.

Cannabinoid profile FENOCHEESE FC-1

Total CBD: up to 20% 66.6%
Total THC: < 1% 3%
Delta-9-THC: < 0.2% 1%
Total CBG: < 1% 3%

Values from 0 – 30%
Average values of trimmed flower at harvest (without stems and leaves; no early harvest).